Our Petal Shower Recessional with My DIY Petal Cones

You may be wondering what petal cones are, so let me start out by explaining... they are little handmade cones, I used paper to make mine, that you fill with flower petals.  After the Bride and Groom say "I Do" and take their first steps as Husband and Wife, the ceremony guests then shower the couple with petals. I called it our "petal shower recessional." Petal cones are super versatile- they can be made from a number of different materials, from paper to burlap and they don't necessary have to be filled with petals, they can be filled with such things as rice, paper, confetti, etc.

My petal cones were one of my favorite DIY projects I completed. They added a unique and fun touch to our ceremony. 

Now for the photos...

Here's how to make them:

I used this tutorial which includes a template, to make them. You can download the template here: Petal Cone Template.

I purchased the paper from joann.com.  I chose a paper pack that had lots of unique designs in my wedding colors. Then I used the template from the tutorial link above (weddingbee.com) and cut out each cone. With 12"x12" paper, I was able to cut two cones out of each piece of paper.

Then I used a handy dandy hot glue gun to glue the cones in place. Lastly, I simply punched two holes on the top of the cone and tied a piece of twine for the handle. My wedding had a simple rustic flare to it, so the twine was the perfect touch.

Here are a few photos of my husband and I as we were showered with the petals- a great moment, and one I will never forget!

All photos taken by Kaye Photography

Can you tell I had fun with that?!

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