Getting Crafty With Cards

After my bridal shower and wedding, I had tons of cards! I love getting cards from people and really appreciate the thoughtfulness behind them, so i wanted to do something nice with them.

Here is the final product:

The first book, titled love, are advice cards from my bridal shower- each guest wrote a little note for me and my Husband-to-be (at that time). It was a great idea, I loved reading all of the cards and still enjoying going through the today.

As for all of my wedding and bridal shower cards, I had LOTS of them, so i couldn't use a key chain clasp to bind them together. Instead I used a large piece of tulle to tie them together, you could also use ribbon if you prefer. I then made the b & f card and tied it to the top.

Here are the craft supplies I needed to complete this project.

-colored cardstock paper, I used some I had laying around.
-standard hole punch
-one key chain ring (that clicks into place, not the ones you have to slide keys on)- used to bind the cards together.
-tulle (or ribbon)
Foam scrapbooking letters, can be found here:
Martha Stuart punch- to add a little something to the edges. Can be found here:

That's it! It was a simple and fun project to do. And now I have all my wedding cards looking cute and organized. Thanks for reading!

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