Dried Flowers- Perfect for Simple and Rustic Decorating

   Flowers are beautiful in all forms, especially after they have been dried. We are coming up on the season when dried flowers are perfect for crafting and decorating- Fall. Check out this collage of some fun projects you can do with dried flowers...

    Fall is my favorite time of the year, so it only made sense to plan a Fall wedding. As you may know from my earlier posts, my wedding theme was rustic & simple elegance. I had an outdoor wedding ceremony in a beautiful wooded setting. After the ceremony, my Husband and I supplied our guests with horderves and drinks, all of which I had set up on table with my dried flower decorations. 

Personal wedding photo

Photo taken by Kaye Photography

   These were super easy to make and so cheap! I purchased the flowers from Shopko. I just happened to pass them in a clearance section and got them for about $2.00 a bundle, I bought 4 bundles (you can dry your own flowers too, I just didn't have the time). The wine bottles I got for FREE from a local restaurant, one that I frequent often so I was comfortable asking the bar tender to save me any empty green wine bottles. Within a week, I went back to the restaurant to pick them up and was able to choose from about 20 bottles. Then I added some twine around the neck of the bottles for an additional rustic touch, and WAAALA! I had a beautiful dried flower table decorations.

  I was also able to squeeze some dried flowers into the back of my ceremony program bucket.
Photo taken by Kaye Photography
Photo taken by Kaye Photography
   So there you have it, something that costs very little money can add a gorgeous rustic touch when decorating for any occasion. 
Keep on crafting!!

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  1. Love the dried flowers! They are so simple and elegant. Thanks for the comment you left on my DIY Chevron Magnets post at Blissful Keeper at Home and for following me! You have a new follower now, too!