Look What I Get to Open Today!

MY LOVE AND WINE BOX!! We have officially made it through our first year of marriage! This means today, on our 1 year anniversary, Ben and I get to open our love and wine box. What's a love and wine box you ask...? A love and wine box is an alternative to the unity candle, or pouring sand. The night before our wedding we wrote each other letters describing the past, present, and feature of our relationship- basically what we looked forward to as we were about to embark on this amazing journey. The letters were sealed, before being read and now we finally get to read them to one another.

    During the ceremony the Officiant said: "At this time I'd like to draw your attention to the box beside Ben and Felecia. They have written letters to each other expressing their feelings as they begin their marriage. They have detailed why they fell in love and what they truly admire about the other person.
   These letters were sealed before they could be read. We will include these letters in the box along with a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. Together we will seal the box, and on the happy occasion of their anniversary, they will open the box, and read the letters.
By reading these love letters, you will be given an opportunity to reflect upon the reasons that you fell in love with each other."

Here's a photo recap: 

Ben I love you with all my heart and will continue to love you more each and every day that passes in our lives. Happy Anniversary, I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you!!!

Here are some more wedding ceremony photos just because I love sharing them :)

Professional Photos taken by Kaye Photography and/or Ransom Entertainment Services.

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  1. I love your blog, so fresh and new with amazing ideas. I cant wait to see what you come up with next. Keep doing what you do, your a natural with fantastic idea's. Love you wedding pic's, what a fun and awesome day we all had.