I'm in Business!! Watch out Etsy!

   Working a full time office job, being a part-time book keeper, and helping out with lots of side projects- I have been a busy bee! But in between all of it I have finally got enough stock to put a few things up on Etsy. My Etsy shop is called Free Spirit Crafting, and I couldn't be more proud to introduce this portion of my life and creativity to the World.
   I only have a few things up for sale, but when I get a free moment I love to lock myself away in my craft room and make new creations. My husband and I are lucky enough to have a spare room that I can dedicate to my crafting. It is on the end our house with two windows, small and cozy, and most of the time looks like a tornado of crafts went through it- but, to me it is an amazing little retreat full of all kinds of fabric, ribbon, paper, buttons, embellishments, and so much more. Hopefully I can craft out a few new items to add to my Etsy shop each week.

You can view my Etsy shop here:


  Thank you to all my believers who have complimented my crafts and projects, and essentially pushed me to start this. It is only a baby business now, but I hope for it to bloom into something amazing.

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