DIY Mason Jar Snow Globes

The Holidays are finally upon us, and what better way to kick off the season than with a Christmas craft day! Therefore, I decided to host a kids craft day at my house with some friends and family- three things I love: friends, family, and crafting! On the agenda was snow globe mason jars and handmade Christmas cards. The kids had a great time, especially making the snow globes. So, here is a tutorial to re-create this fun project.

What you will need:
  • Mason Jars- small, medium, or large
  • Glitter
  • Epoxy- I recommend the brand Loctite
  • Loctite Putty Epoxy (optional): I used for building bases for the stuff that wouldn't stand up on it's own. If you have miniatures that stand up on their own you do not need the putty epoxy.
  • Liquid glycerin- purchased from a health food store.
  • Distilled water
  • Miniature ornaments/figurines and trees- I picked up a bunch a little ornaments and miniature Christmas trees from a local craft store. Hint- use trees that do not have any dye on them. Look closely at the tree, most of them are either made of green wire with no dye, or they are plastic and dyed green. Choose the wired trees to keep the water from turning color.

Step 1:  Decorating the lids- The kids picked out what they wanted to put in their snow globes. We had all sorts of things to decorate the inside of the globes with, so this gave them a chance to get creative.

Decorating- Adding glitter to the garland.

Step 2: Once the kids had the design of their globes figured out, we took them to the epoxy station (aka my husband). He glued everything to the lids of the mason jars. Dry time is about 10 minutes, but we let dry for about 1/2 hour just to be safe.

Glue is dried!

Step 3: Filling the jars- First add about 1 teaspoon of liquid glycerine to your mason jar. The liquid glycerine helps make the glitter fall slowly. Then fill the jars with distilled water almost to the very top. After that, add the glitter. I let the kids decide how much they wanted to put in, but I would recommend no more than a tablespoon.

Getting set up to fill the jars.

The glitter goes in!
Step 4: Seal the jars- Make sure you have as much water in the jar as possible, you don't want too many air bubbles once they are sealed. Then tighten the lids as best you can and WA-LA, you have your very own DIY slow globe!

The finished product!

These DIY snow globes cost under $10 each. They were fun to make, and the children got to go home with a great craft that they were proud of. I can't wait for our next craft day!

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