DIY Valentine Cards

   I'll never forget celebrating Valentine's Day at school. It was an awkward yet pleasant day for me in which I brought my home made Valentine's box to school along with my Valentine cards- each one addressed to a member in my class. This is the first time as a child that I experienced "puppy love." There was always one or two Valentine's that I would make extra special. Whether that meant using my best penmanship, or adding an additional heart here and there, maybe even an XOXO if the person was particularly special.
  My Valentine cards generally consisted of popular cartoon characters; Care Bears, Rainbow Bright, Disney princesses, etc. But, when I have my own little ones running around I am sure to turn this event into a crafty labor of love. Here are a few great DIY ideas I can't wait to try out!

These adorable Valentine cards replace chocolate with pencils, healthier and useful. You can download the free printable template from Sweet Muffin Suite.

This is free download from Blue Skies Ahead. The tutorial is actually for a 8"x10" framed picture, but you can easily turn this into a Valentine's Day card. I personally like the "Call Me Maybe" part.

Lastly, Valentine's Mad Libs! I wouldn't recommend this one for children, but it's great for a secret admirer, or significant other. You can download the template at My Sister's Suitcase.

Valentine's Day will be here in no time and I can't wait! I have been a hopeless romantic since my first Valentine's Day in elementary school :) Love is in the air. Thanks for reading, Felecia.

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  1. These are adorable! I absolutely love the new layout! Your products really stand out now! :)