Make Your Own Bridal Shower Advice Board

   Once I found out my best friend Megan was getting married, I could not have been more ecstatic- literally, when she called to tell me the news my response was a very excited "AHHHHH!" Not long after the engagement we were knee deep in wedding planning and I could not have been more happy to help out and enjoy this amazing time with her. When it came to the Bridal Shower, Megan's Mom took on the majority of the planning, but I was able to help contribute a few DIY projects as well. The shower was an absolutely beautiful, vintage style couples shower (boys and girls invited).
   Megan helped plan my bridal shower along with my sister, Angelica. One of the things they did for my shower was hand out little cards to the guests to write advice on. I got to keep all of the cards and I LOVED reading them with my husband-to-be (at the time, now husband). So, I decided to repay Megan the favor and do something similar for her shower. When event planning, I like to include personal touches when possible and this is a great way to do just that. Here is a tutorial on how to make your very own low-cost framed advice board.

You will need:

- (Qty 2, 8') 1/2" x 2 1/2" base-board trim, about $3.00 ea.
- (Qty 2,  8') 1" x 2" piece of lumber, about $1.50 ea.
- wood glue
- 8" x 11" frame (for the instruction sign)
- box of cards, about $3.00 on sale or with coupon
- ribbon
- clothes pins
- pens/pencils

*the ribbon, clothes pins, pens, and frame are all items that you can most likely find laying around to save money, always work with what you have before purchasing new ;)

Total Cost: Less than $15.00!


My husband, Ben, helped with the construction of this. We purchased some pre-finished white baseboard/trim from our local home improvement store along with 2 8' pieces of 1"x2" lumber. Ben cut 4 pieces of the the baseboard trim into approximately 36" each. Then he cut them diagonally on the edges to give it nice frame flush look. After that, he glued the pieces together with strong wood glue, clapped, and let sit. Here is a diagram on how to assemble.

 Here's a photo of the corner, you can see how nicely it came together at the edges.

 ASSEMBLY CONTINUED: After the baseboard trim was fully dry, repeat the same thing on the back side with the 1"x2" wood. This will make your frame stronger and keep it from bowing. 


 Lastly, you will need to choose some sort of ribbon to hang the cards on. Because Megan's shower was a vintage theme, I went with a white lace ribbon. I simply cut the lace to size and stapled on the back of the frame with a heavy duty stapler.


I chose to go with a free font called Riesling. You can find this font on a bunch of different font sites, I downloaded mine from Font Squirrel.  It was perfect for the vintage theme.

You can make your own sign in the font of your choice, or you can use the free template that I have provided below. Just click on this template, copy and paste it, then print for your own use.

After printing your sign, frame it in a 8"x11" photo frame to set in front of your advice board. The final items you will need to complete this project is: a box of cards, clothespins to hang the cards with, and some pens/pencils for guests to write on. For the cards, I chose a box of blank folding cards at Joann Fabrics. Click here.

One last thing- I decided to hang a few photos of Megan and her fiance on the advice board, this added an additional personal touch to the board. I took about 6 photos of them, edited them at to make them look vintage and hung them on board with clothespins.

So there you have it, for about $15 you can have a lovely and personal decoration for a bridal shower. This advice board will also work great for other parties- graduations, engagement, even weddings. I hope this tutorial was helpful. Enjoy your party planning!

The Happy Couple :)

Thanks for reading! XOXO, Felecia

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  1. What a fun and creative idea! I am sure they loved it. Love how you attached the cards. I popped around your board and enjoyed it, and the fun post below with the bread ornaments ont he tree made me smile. I used to be a girl scout leader and I would make ones with bagels cut in half and spread with peanut butter and the birdseed stuck to it. Made all the critters happy!