Finding Your Wishing Tree

   The wishing tree tags I sell on Etsy are flying off the shelves! Let me start this post out with some definitions. A wishing tree is a fun item to add to baby showers, bridal showers, and other parties. At the event the tree will be decorated with little tags that guests write wishes on and then hang on the wishing tree. It's a thoughtful party activity that doubles as a sincere keepsake.
   With the increase of my wishing tree tag sales, I have been getting lots of questions about where to find a wishing tree- So I decided to write up a post in hopes of helping all you party planners in need. The following are some great ideas for finding a wishing tree.

I'll start out with this great site to check out, it's They have a nice selection of trees and branches at reasonable prices. Here are some of my favorite finds at Save On Crafts:

What is 30" tall, black, and glittery? My first wishing tree pick. It's only $42.00, plus it has a nice metal base for sturdiness.

Here is another option from  Manzanita branches are great for wishing trees because there branches are so wild allowing lots of places to hang the tags! At Save On Crafts you can get 3 branches for $15. Each one is about 18" in height which is perfect for a wishing tree.
 Along with your manzanita branches, find a vase and add some filler and voila, you have your very own wishing tree. Vases can be found anywhere from $1 at your local dollar store to $10.00 at a craft store or department store. You can use many things as vase fillers - I personally love the rustic and natural look of river rocks. But, you have endless options from marbles, to rocks, to colored gems. You can get vase fillers are your local craft stores, or department stores such as Wal-Mart for around $1-$3 per bag.

Three manzanita branches, one vase, and filler of your choice will set you back about $25-$35, not too shabby.
Another great idea for a wishing tree is a decorative photo tree. These are meant to be home decorations, but would also make a really nice wishing tree for your next event. You can find these on Amazon for around $25 plus shipping. I love these trees because you can add photos to the frames for a creative touch... fill the photos with maternity photos (for baby showers) or engagement photos (for bridal showers), graduation photos, etc.

My next idea is unique and classy, I'm super excited to share this find. It would make a perfect wishing tree for a bridal shower or a wine-themed event. It's a wine stopper! Is that cool or what?! 

With these wine stoppers, you can only hang about 1 dozen wishing tree tags per wine stopper. Therefore, I would purchase 3 of them, but at $10 each that's still not too bad. Check it out here.

Lastly, here is a DIY wishing tree kit you can purchase. This option isn't as creative as some of the other trees, but it is a quick and easy option that works great.
This tree is sold by Beau-coup, although there are a few other sites that sell it as well. I have purchased from Beau-coup myself and they are a great company to work with. Also, don't forget to check out coupons, Beau-coup offers coupon deals all the time.

That will sum up my wishing tree suggestions, I sure hope this post will be helpful to some of you party planners. You can also check out my post on how to make your own wishing tree and don't forget to check out my wishing tree tags up for sale on my Etsy account.

Thanks so much for reading and keep on crafting! XOXO, Felecia

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