How to Make Your Own Wishing Tree

 This is an easy and fun project you can do for any shower, party, or wedding, a wishing tree. A wishing tree is a tree that guests hang cards or ornaments on, that generally have either wishes or advice for the person/people of honor. The wishing tree that I made, was for my niece or nephew (waiting to find out) for my Brother's Girlfriend's baby shower. Here's the finished product.

 And here is how you can make your very own wishing tree...
You will need:
  1. Branches: There are many options available- curly willow, dogwood, or even branches in your backyard. I used some branches that had sparkly accents, I got on sale from Joann Fabrics.
  2. Vase: Any vase that is at between 7" and 10" in height and has a wide enough mouth to spread out your branches. I used a medium sized hurricane vase from Hobby Lobby when it was 50% off, came to about $3.
  3. Vase filler: I used river rocks.
  4. Decorations to spruce up your tree (optional): I used ribbon & a handmade fabric flower for the vase, some little green twist-tie flowers I found at a craft store and I made baby pin ornaments.
  5. Wishing Tags: You can purchase them at my etsy shop:
Step 1: Fill your vase with river rocks (or filler of your choice) and then stick your branches deep into the rocks to keep them sturdy. Arrange the branches so they are equally distributed around the vase.


Step 2: Decorating your tree. I used some flowers I found at a local craft store. I tied them to the branches to add a little color and sparkle.

Decorating continued... I made this fabric flower and secured it to the vase with a ribbon and some hot glue. There are lots of fabric flower tutorials online. This one was made by applying a little heat to the edges of my flower to create a curling effect. BE CAREFUL!

Decorating Continued... When it comes to baby showers your options are pretty much pink or blue. Because this was a gender neutral shower, I spray painted some pink plastic diaper pins with a kiwi green spray paint. Turned out great! Then I hung them on the tree with some ribbon.

Step 3: Wishing tree tags- you can purchase tags from me at my Etsy Shop,  Click here. I included the tags with each place setting so the guests could fill them out at their convenience and then hang them on the tree when completed. 

If you would like to purchase my wishing tree tags at my Etsy shop, use this coupon code to received 10% OFF: FSCBLOG. All I ask is you pretty please follow my blog. Thanks for your interest and support!!

Step 4: Make a sign to put in front of the tree. My sign said: 
Hang your wishes for Baby _____ on the wishing tree.

Final Product:

At the end of the shower I gave the Mommy-to-be all of the cards. She can put them in her baby book, and when Baby is big enough he/she will get to read all of the nice wishes that friends and family wrote.

UPDATE- It's a girl!!! Her mommy told me she absolutely loved reading the wishing tree cards and cannot wait to share them with her baby girl when she is old enough.


  1. I think your idea is so cute and I'd love to copy it for my shower. Can you tell me how you did the cards? Thanks

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